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Consulting Services

My research and analytical skills strengthen my environmental and human rights advocacy.


I write and edit fiction and nonfiction, including book manuscripts, essays, articles, market copy, and websites. A skilled translator and storyteller, I will smooth and strengthen your work. 


What is your question? A published journalist and political science professor, I will find the most efficient and accurate way to research your issue and the most impactful way to present the arguments.

Organization Management 

I strengthen international environmental justice programs and support front-line defenders with strategic interventions tailored to each unique team.

  • evaluate effectiveness with internal and external surveys 

  • refine complex narratives to mobilize resources and inspire participation

  • monitor impact with measurable criteria  

  • improve organizational systems

  • train conflict mediation strategies

  • evaluate project implementation

Find The Story

Preparing a campaign, a speech or a mission statement?  I use interviews and discussions to find the narrative that will ground and define your work.

What My Clients Say

JC roosevelt_edited_edited.jpg
As an editor myself, I am very picky about who I work with to help me with my own writing. Melina has all the qualities I appreciate in an editor — she understands structure and story, has great chops as a line editor, doesn’t stomp on the voice of the writer, and really cares about making a piece of writing as good as it can be.  Her edits of my chapter in a nonfiction anthology helped me to sharpen the language throughout and improve the piece conceptually. Plus she was fun to work with and generous in her approach. I recommend Melina without hesitation and hope to work with her again. Thanks, Melina!                                                                                    




I make sure your point is clear, the structure is compelling, and the writing flows. I can provide comments for you to incorporate, or I can edit directly in the document. Direct edits are useful for tightening language or meeting deadlines.


I provide detailed feedback for each element of your project, including: narrative structure, character depth and continuity, scenes, pacing, conflict, dialogue and resolution.


I correct typographical, spelling, and punctuation errors while pointing out unclear or overused words and phrases. I am careful to respect your writing style – your unique voice overrides rules of grammar.

Let’s Talk 

Use the contact form to describe your project, including time frame, goals, and word count. We’ll agree on a schedule and cost estimate. We’ll sign a contract and I’ll bill you for 1/2 of the estimate. Most projects are completed within two weeks.

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