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I am a writer, editor, and environmental advocate living in San Francisco. I write about people finding their courage. I am currently writing a novel about the personal and political impacts of the Nicaraguan revolution.

What Would Judith Do? is my blog. It is inspired by the heroine of my recently completed historical novel, For You and All of Us, which brings the ancient legend of Judith and Holofernes to life. Sign up to receive a short post in your email once a month or so.  I promise you will learn something–and feel something– in the few minutes it takes to read.

Previously, I ran an environmental organization in Washington DC, completed a doctorate in political science, and worked with indigenous communities throughout the world. I published a book called  Ethnopolitcs in Ecuador that is used in college classrooms.

Learn more about my advocacy or consulting work on my LinkedIn site here.

Check out my industrial ragtime band, Parlor Tricks, here.

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  1. I also wrote a historical novel about Judith but was unable to get it published. But I’m so curious about how you approached the historical complexities the story presents. Care to start a dialogue with me?

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